Although the official economic bodies of the golden state are yet to declare an economic recession, the state‘s governor Gavin Newsom declares that California is “now in a pandemic-induced recession”.

The havoc is caused due to the pandemic, as already the unemployment level stands at 5.3% with a huge number of 3.1 million people filing claims in only the last four weeks.

Though there has been no official declaration, Newsom ordered an advisory meeting on Friday, for short and long term plans for the economic recovery of the state. This committee is to be headed by former presidential candidate Tom Steyer, and will also include four former governors, Republicans Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrats Jerry Brown and Gray Davis .

California is in 'pandemic-induced recession,' governor says

Newsom has set a cautionary example, by issuing orders to stay at home since March 19th. An economic recession is underway, yet California is seen to be ahead in battling the coronavirus pandemic. By early April, California had struck a deal for more than 200 million protective masks per month, including N95s and surgical ones. California also procured a large number of ventilators that came to help the other states.

California, still forging its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, is confident of the digits of present ventilators to help them survive the short term, as mentioned by the governor.