Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis had been asked to leave a shop for not following the norms of the COVID-19 pandemic and putting on a mask.

Since this incident has been doing the rounds in the media, this is the very first time that Bruce Willis has spoken out regarding this incident.

A Judgement Error By Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis spoke about the time when he was captured by the paparazzi in one of the pharmacy shops situated in Los Angeles. In addition to this, he was not wearing any face mask at a particular time. Evidently, this has brought him some unwanted attention.

Willis was seen coming out of the store named Rite Aid during the weekend. The reports have claimed that he was completely mask-less while exiting the store. Due to this reason he has been facing a lot of flak from people across the globe, including many of his fans. This is basically due to the reason that he is seen totally ignoring the guidelines of the pandemic.

When asked about this, he stated that it was an error in judgment. He has further added that everyone must remain careful and alert. He urged the people to continue wearing face masks for the safety of themselves as well as others.

PageSix has reported that the shoppers had shown some anger at Bruce Willis when he was spotted not wearing a mask and not covering his face at all. Soon after this, the store people asked him to leave after he had made his purchase.

The California law had specifically asked all the citizens to cover their faces in every indoor space. However, if people are able to keep a safe distance from each other, they do not need to wear a mask outside.