Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

Although Bruce Springsteen isn’t exactly famous for being a part of commercials, he made an exception this year for Super Bowl LV. For the grand event, the legendary singer joined forces with Jeep to spread a message about connection, common ground, and what could unite both the red and the blue. Springsteen spoke about how Americans needed to find a balance between political enmity. This message is effectively more necessary after the mob rebellion on the US Capitol a month back. 

Bruce Springsteen’s Message of Love

The video saw his passing through a lonely landscape where he spoke about the importance of finding a common ground. And the common ground is literally the ground Americans stand on- for this unites us all. The message was simple to the public. It was to be a balm for a nation that had gone through a lot just the previous year. And it was supposed to be a reminder of what freedom truly represented. 

Bruce Springsteen didn’t come in any flashy Grand Cherokee or Gladiator. Rather, he came in an open-hooded Jeep CJ-5- to the very epicenter of this nation. Interestingly, the Jeep ad wasn’t produced over a period of time- rather it took the production team a few days to locate the centre of the United States of America- and approach Bruce Springsteen to star in it. The team reached Lebanon, Kansas, and Springsteen drove in the open-hooded Jeep to the chapel- which stands in the center of the country. 

His piece came to an end with a message bringing in hope for everyone that would be watching the show. Bruce Springsteen simply told the public that the nation could very well stand a test of fire. All it needed was hope.