Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ) produces and sells multiple devices of multiple functions, like cameras, printers, copying machines, lithographic equipment, diagnostic equipment, etc. The firm operates under four different segments. Those are Office Unit, Industry and Other Unit,  Imaging System Unit, and Medical System Unit. 

On Monday, the firm’s shares opened at $19.23. Analysts reported that six analysts had provided their insights and tallied a rating of “hold” for the corporate giant. Two of these researchers have rated a “buy” template on the stock. In the past year, the average yearly price target was $22.00. The firm’s market capitalization stands at a whopping $20.46 billion. 

Share Reports On CAJ Stock

BidaskClub reported a considerable plunge in the shares, rating it a “hold” from the previous tag of “buy.” The report was submitted on Friday, Christmas. A “buy” rating was given by ValuEngine, raising from its last rating of a “hold.” The report was displayed on the 18th of December. On the 4th of January, Zacks Investment Research reported a “buy” rating, giving the share rates a hike from their last rating to be held. 

The EPS for that quarter was $0.14. It beat the estimates of Thomson Reuters, which gave it a forecast of $0.01 or $0.13. For the given quarter, CAJ also reported revenue of $7.16 million. The equity returns of Canon was 2.18%. Hence, reporters estimate the posting of their fiscal year’s EPS will be $0.52.Institutional investors and other hedge funds own 1.2% stock of the company. 

First Trust Advisors Currently owns 3,230,166 shares of the company. Several other firms bought new stakes in CAJ’S stocks, increasing their share values.