Several research equities have forecasted that the stocks of PII would be reporting an EPS of around $2.89 for the quarter. According to a report, eight investment analysts have already issued their statement regarding the earnings estimate for the company. They have mentioned that the highest rate of EPS has come at $3.01, while the lowest has been fixed at $2.80. Just the previous year, the company had posted an EPS of $1.83 in the quarter, which does indicate an annual growth rate of around 57.9%. The stocks of PII would be posting their next quarterly report on the 26th of January. 

The Quarterly Earnings of PII

And this brings into question the previous quarterly report that the company brought out on the 27th of October. The EPS reported by the company then was $2.85, which was more than the consensus estimate set at $2.19. The return on equity for the firm for the quarter was 32.38%, with a negative 0.83% net margin. The revenue of the firm over the quarter was $1.95 billion, which was quite above the consensus estimate of $1.93 billion. Interestingly, the company had posted an EPS of $1.68 the previous year for the same quarter. 

PII decided to trade on Monday at $1.04, where they touched $107.92. The market cap of Polaris was $6.66 billion, with a -118.59 PE ratio, and a 2.11 beta. The year low of the firm has been fixed at $37.35, with a year high set at $111.15. The moving average price of the firm over the course of 50-days has been set at $98.66, while the moving average price of the firm over 200-days has been set at $97.34. PII also enjoys a debt-to-equity rate of 1.85. 

Five of the investment analysts commenting on the stocks of PII have given it a rating of hold, while ten of them have issued it a rating of buy. Currently, the company has a buy rating, with a price target set at $100.73.