britney spears
britney spears

Britney Spears, the princess of pop, has always been in the spotlight ever since her days in Mickey Mouse Club. But due to all the respect and praise she has gained as a global entertainer and performer, it has been followed by several fan theories, controversies, and fame. Her social media management has now set the bar straight about all the content that is posted on her channels. Spoiler alert: it’s none other than HER! 

Cassie Petrey, the cofounder of Crowd Surf, addressed some of these rumors. A portion of it was published on the social media application, Twitter, in a lengthy thread. The post was on a Britney Spears fan’s account, called @BritneyHiatus, that was posted back on the 22nd of January Tuesday. The tweet read that there were several theories by fans circulating the pop superstar’s life and her battle for individuality. Some claimed that she was trapped by her father as well. 

What Britney Spears’ Social Media Team Said

Britney Spears’ fan page @BritneyHiatus’s post read that several of her fans or even well-wishers have been noticing the star’s posts. They have speculated her posts to be “hidden messages” when it would be something about people who are locked away or are trying to get out. This led fans to believe that this was her reaching out to her fans secretively, trying to portray her feelings related to the conservatorship battle. 

The post further stated that Britney has many times even mentioned that the posts are, in fact, created by herself. But her fanbase believes otherwise, trying to read “cryptic messages, believing that she is “asking for help.” But she is not. Petrey went on to say that the pop royalty was simply trying to live her life the way she wants to. She also brushed off rumors that she was not directly hired by Britney’s manager, saying that it was not how she met the singer. 

She also then shut down rumors of her going on a vacation with Spears in Hawaii.