British complicity in Israeli war crimes is being highlighted by pro-Palestine activism – Middle East Monitor

A direct action group in assistance of Palestine burst onto the scene in London today by storming an Israeli arms business in the heart of the English capital to emphasize Britain’s complicity in war crimes versus thePalestinians Four members of Palestine Action participated in the adventurous daytime strike on Number 77 Kingsway, in Holborn, where Elbit Systems has its British HQ.

Elbit is Israel’s greatest personal arms business. It has 10 bases throughout Britain, consisting of 4 arms factories which produce parts for drones utilized in Israel’s harsh profession of Palestine.

The activists from Palestine Action likewise wished to highlight the British federal government’s direct participation in licensing arms deals worth around ₤376 million given that2015 The group was prevented by security personnel in their quote to reach the 5th flooring where Elbit’s HQ is situated, however personnel going back to deal with Friday early morning discovered graffiti and paint splashed outside the entryway.

One senior activist who breached the structure’s security grumbled to reporters that she had actually been “ripped out of the lift and pushed against a glass door” by the guards. “We are going to take action and escalate until all complicity with Israeli apartheid ends,” she firmly insisted. “The British federal government has actually been complicit in the …

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