woody allen
woody allen

Woody Allen’s split from Mia Farrow had circled a media storm, along with several legal issues churning around their relationship. Allen v. Farrow, a docu-series of four parts, documents the urgency that surrounded their court calls. It broadcasts on HBO every Sunday and is also available on their streaming application, HBO Max. The episode’s premiere at 9 pm. In the series, Mia Farrow can be seen reflecting on the swirl of courts and media circus she was conferred on. 

The allegations of sexual abuse have been long denied by the director of Annie Hall. The reports first swirled around during their split back in 1992 that gained widespread media coverage. Woody Allen wasn’t charged for the allegations back then. But a prosecutor from Connecticut had mentioned the possibility of some criminal case relating to the situation. 

Allen has not yet given any reaction to the public documentary, but his reps have also not given any statements, however. The actress also confesses in the series that she kept her relationship separate with respect to Allen not wanting to be a father. 

Mia Farrow On Her Relationship With Woody Allen

The actress Mia Farrow is 76. At the premiere, she spoke about falling for Woody Allen, who is 85 back in the day. She further mentioned Dylan, her daughter’s allegations of sexual abuse against her stepfather. 

She called bringing the Oscar winner to her house a “great regret.” She said that she was never “perceptive enough.” She took the blame on her, saying it is “her fault.” She admitted that she was the one to bring the actor into their lives. And so she could never take it back. 

She also added that she was one of the first people not to believe it simply. She said who would think something as such of ‘the’ Woody Allen? Everyone “loved” and “admired” him too much.