Brian May was ‘near death’ after suffering heart attack while gardening | Music

After admitting to shredding his buttock muscle tissues while gardening earlier this month, Brian May has revealed additional particulars of an incident that led to a small heart attack and the invention of three blocked arteries that left the Queen guitarist “very near death”.

In a sequence of posts on his Instagram account, the 72-year-old mentioned {that a} week after he was despatched residence after sustaining the gardening damage, he was nonetheless in such agony that he “wanted to jump at some points”. He was readmitted to hospital for an MRI scan, which found a severely compressed sciatic nerve – the product, he concluded, of 50 years as a guitarist. “That’s why I had this feeling that someone was putting a screwdriver in my back,” he mentioned.

During the “whole saga of the painful backside”, May mentioned he skilled 40 minutes of chest ache and tightness that turned out to be a small heart attack. He was readmitted to hospital for an angiogram, which discovered three blocked arteries. May mentioned he was pressured by some events to have open-heart surgical procedure, however took various recommendation to have three stents implanted.

May mentioned he was shocked by the invention of the blocked arteries, contemplating himself to be typically wholesome. “Everyone says, ‘You’ve got great blood pressure, great heart rate’, I keep fit on my bike, good diet, not too much fat.” He steered that everybody over the age of 60 ought to have an angiogram. “We’ve all got to really look at ourselves as we get to the autumn years,” he mentioned. “What seems to be a healthy heart may not be.”

May mentioned he had come off painkillers for the leg ache brought on by the sciatic compression, which was now “liveable”. Being on the treatment was a “horrible trip”, he mentioned. “I don’t know what’s worse: the pain or the painkillers.”

He expressed his gratitude to his docs and physiotherapist. “I’m incredibly grateful that I now have a life to lead again,” mentioned May. “I was actually very near death because of this, but the pain that I had was from something completely different.”

Referring to the headlines about his backside damage, May mentioned: “I kind of forgot that anything to do with the bum people find amusing, so I got a bit pissed off with all the ‘Brian May gets a pain in the bum’ kind of stuff.”

In one other video posted to his Instagram account in a single day, May mentioned he was “increasingly astonished at the antics of the government in the face of this pandemic. What a story, my God – what a catalogue of disasters.”

May drew criticism in April after suggesting that the coronavirus pandemic was a results of “people eating animals”, regardless of a scarcity of scientific consensus over the origin of the illness.

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