According to Brexit latest news, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentions that the UK will pull out of talks aimed at striking a free trade deal post Brexit if there’s no agreement by the 15th of October. The Prime Minister is keen on maintaining the “strict deadline.” The UK’s move is threatening to put a deadline to all the crunch talks between the UK and the EU.

In a statement about Brexit latest news, PM Johnson mentions that there needs to be an agreement in place with UK’s ‘European friends’ by the time of the European council meet in the next five weeks (on 15th October). He further adds that if the deal must be in force by the end of this year, there is no point in stretching the timeline of the deal beyond mid-October. Johnson is to hold out an ultimatum to all the negotiators on Monday that deal or no-deal Britain will be walking away for good.

In the same press release statement on Brexit latest, PM Johnson clarifies that if there is no agreement by the stipulated time period, Britain will “accept” that and “move on”.

Britain formerly left the EU in January, but a transition period was agreed until the end of the year. Now, the two seemed to have engaged in a clash again with the UK willing to override parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Johnson’s Move On Brexit Latest: Condemned

There’s quite a lot of stir going on owing to the new push for the Brexit latest talks. Among them, one is the ultimatum but, potentially more controversial is the so-called internal market bill. The UK government mentioned on Sunday that this controversial bill will be published on Wednesday.

This is a new legislation, parts of which is going to be contravening the withdrawal agreement that the UK and the EU had agreed on back in January. A section of this bill is ringing alarm bells for many experts and critics of the government who believe that this Brexit latest move is going to intentionally unpick earlier agreed-upon portions of the Brexit withdrawal deal with Britain moving out with a no-deal exit.

According to a government source, the introduction of the internal market bill was part of a larger plan of the UK to have a clean break Brexit. However, the source also agreed on the fact that this deal would bring in a lot of trading barriers from Northern Ireland. Besides, this move would have blown up this week at the negotiations.

Boris Johnson’s move is now facing severe criticism from the opposition. Labour party members said that Prime Minister Johnson is going back on a commitment. His latest Brexit move is a threat to the State’s legal obligations.

Experts mention that if Britain wants to be a new and self-confident global Britain, it needs to be trusted. Going back on international commitments, that too made to its biggest trading partner is quite a heavy announcement. Labour members call this an act of extreme bad faith which will reflect the UK in a bad light globally in front of future allies and trading partners.

Brexit Latest: Simon Coveney Condemns Johnson’s Move As “Unwise”

The Brexit latest news has been condemned by Simon Coveney, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Ireland. Coveney reports that this move is bad news from Ireland’s perspective. However, the no-deal withdrawal agreement is bad news on the part of the UK as well. If there is no trade between the UK and the EU, this is likely to instigate public opposition as no one wants to be paying tariffs for trade between the UK and the EU.

He calls the way in which the UK handles the Brexit situation is extremely ‘inward-looking’. He further mentions that Britain’s ‘pride’, ‘nationalism’ and ‘emotion’ comes between brokering a necessary trade deal between the UK and the EU. On September 7, Simon Coveney tweeted condemning Boris Johnson’s latest move. He warned that it would be a very unwise way to proceed. It is further disconcerting for the Irish Foreign Minister as he had helped in brokering the original exit deal.

No Withdrawal Deal- Increasing Tension In Northern Ireland

UK’s Brexit latest move will hamper the previous agreement between the EU and the UK related to Northern Ireland’s custom arrangements and state aid. However, Johnson’s government now finds clear ambiguities to allow changes within the original draft agreement drawn up in January. However, this move has already stirred up protests in Brussels.

Government officials speaking on the issue have reassured saying that they’re still hopeful for a deal by mid-October. In case of no-deal, they’re looking at alternative fall-back options to ensure the protection of Northern Ireland.

Earlier members of Brexit negotiations like Raoul Ruparel mentions that there needs to be a change in the dynamics. Both sides are entrenched, and the mechanism is therefore in need of unlocking.

Brexit No-Deal Could Hit Harder Than Covid

A no-deal situation which seems likely according to the Brexit latest news, could invite an economic shock for the nation. Industry leaders have for a long time mentioned that it could result in consumer and industry costs soaring higher than manageable.

Thomas Sampson, an LSE professor of Economics mentioned that the Brexit economic hit could be higher than the Covid-induced economic hit. He estimated that this could cause a £3.3tn decline in UK’s value.

However, there are more fundamental talks regarding Covid recovery plans and crisis in foreign policy in the eastern Mediterranean and Belarus which are likely to hinder the already slow talks on the Brexit withdrawal agreement issue.

Despite such pressing issues, Prime Minister Johnson characterizes the no-deal situation as an arrangement where the UK will enjoy complete control over its territorial waters, fishing areas and laws as a result of which the UK might prosper mightily.