Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal, the basketball sensation, from the team Washington Wizards set his career right this Wednesday night. He scored a total of 60 points in the game against the team, Philadelphia 76ers. However, this did not seem to please him enough. Bradley Beal had his mood off following the loss of his team, the Washington Wizards at the Wells Fargo Center of Philadelphia. The score of the match that was lost by Wizards was 141-136.

Bradley Beal Rooting For His Team’s Win

Beal gave a statement following the loss. He stated that the game loss put him in his worst mood. The player also pointed out the fact that none of the highest performances of his has resulted in his team as the winner. This is the reason why he does not value his personal gains. Bradley Beal further clarified that all he wanted to do was to win. He said irrespective of whatever he scored personally, he wanted to see his team as a winner.

The points that were scored by Beal, which was 60, tied the franchise record of the Washington Wizards. The record was set by Gilbert Arenas in the year 2006. Bradley Beal played with excellence till quarter 3 of the game. Just within 36 minutes of the game, he made his team to score 57 points.

However, it was not enough for the team to win as the team made-up the deficit of 10-point when Beal was seated. This took place in the fourth quarter of the game. When he finally returned to the game, there was a very limited time of a little less than 8 seconds.

The score of the Wizards then was 119. With that less time left to score, Bradley Beal just shot once. After that, he went on shooting some free throws which were meaningless ones within the last 1- seconds of the game.