Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood reached 57-years-old. Here is a sneak-peak of his birthday celebration. The heartthrob had a low-key birthday party. According to a report, Brad Pitt planned of having an intimate family celebration. That would be with his children.

A source leaked the information that the 57-year-old golden boy from Tinseltown does not prefer grand birthday celebrations. He is all for cozy, warm birthday parties. It is also said that he is already occupied on an ongoing project, Bullet Train. However, he will still be having a birthday celebration with his kids despite his busy schedule.

Brad Pitt’s Birthday Celebration Plans

Sources also revealed that his younger children make him cards because they still love doing that. They also love arranging birthday cakes and candles for their father. According to the insider reports, Brad Pitt too loves what his children do for him. He is someone who values homemade cards and some cozy family time. He is someone who does not like celebrating in any other way.

It is also said that this year is different for the actor. This is because even he is having difficulty in believing the fact that he is getting closer to reaching 60. Pitt is loving the fact that he is growing older. He is loving his life at this point. The sources further informed that the actor planned to spend his weekend talking to all his close ones. There is no grand party that is going to take place and he also is not expecting birthday presents from anybody.

Brad Pitt is currently living his best life. He is very much satisfied with the way his life has unfolded. All he wants for his birthday is to spend time with his kids and nothing else.