Boulder Fire

The Boulder Fire is still blazing on Sunday, but firefighters are hopeful that calmer winds will aid in containment.

More than 8,000 residences in the area of a 122-acre wildfire blazing near the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) facility in Boulder were ordered to evacuate on Saturday.

The Boulder Fire has displaced 19,000 people, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, who issued evacuation advisories to residences within a quarter-mile radius of the conflagration. No structures have been destroyed thus yet.

The evacuation zone was modified late Saturday night, with an outside perimeter granting the all-clear to return home.

Boulder Fire Cause Remains Unknown

Parts of south Boulder, downhill from the NCAR plant, and the southwestern area near Table Mesa are included in the safe zone. People were also being evacuated from the University of Colorado Boulder’s south campus, according to officials.

Residents residing west of Highway 93, north of Eldorado Canyon State Park, east of Walker Ranch Open Space, and south of Greenbriar Boulevard have received pre-Boulder Fire evacuation letters. They are encouraged to visit the site for further information and resources. Pets are allowed in the house.

A phone hotline has also been established to offer further information on the Boulder Fire. (303) 413-7730 is the number for the Boulder County Public Information Call Center. Saturday at 10 p.m., the hotline will close but will reopen at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Firefighters are attempting to safeguard residences in the Stony Hill area and south of Boulder if the winds turn west and the fire spreads into the city. Their objective, according to them, is to create a wet zone roughly 30 feet away from residences to act as a barrier.

Saturday about 2 p.m., the NCAR Fire was reported. The fire is estimated to be 122 acres in size, with firefighters reporting a 0% control rate. At this moment, there have been no reports of structural damage or injuries. The reason behind this is unknown.