Boeing 737

On March 21, a Boeing 737 jet carrying 132 passengers crashed in China’s Guangxi region early in the afternoon. While the exact number of victims is unknown, eyewitnesses claim that the accident was so horrific that only a few people could have survived it. If this is true, it will be one of the most terrible accidents ever recorded by a Chinese airline.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, China’s aviation safety record over the last decade has been among the finest in the world. The last deadly aircraft accident in China occurred in 2010. 

Crash Of Boeing 737 Is The Deadliest Since 2010

A Henan Airlines Embraer E-190 regional plane crashed on course to the Yichun airport due to bad visibility, killing 44 of the 96 passengers on board.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, a China Northwest Airlines Tupolev Tu-154 traveling from Xian to Guangzhou was destroyed in an accident after takeoff in 1994, killing all 160 persons on board and ranking as China’s worst-ever flight catastrophe.

The 737-800 type that crashed on Monday has a strong safety record and is the forerunner of the 737 MAX, which has been banned in China for more than three years after tragic tragedies in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018.

China Eastern Airlines, according to aviation data source OAG, is the world’s sixth-largest airline by scheduled weekly seat capacity and the largest in China. Despite strict restrictions on foreign flights, China’s local aviation business remained reasonably strong during the coronavirus outbreak. The reason for the Boeing 737 crash has yet to be determined. Rescuers are searching for survivors as well as Boeing 737’s black box, which should include data from the cockpit’s instruments and noises. Burned wallets, ID cards, and aircraft remains were scattered over the crash scene, according to state media.