Birthday Selebgram Russia Leads Misfortune, 3 People Killed Including Her husband

MOSKWA, – The birthday celebration of a celebrity in Russia ended in disaster, after three people died in a swimming pool due to dry ice.

The story begins when Yekaterina Didenko celebrates her 29th birthday with her friends and family in the swimming pool complex.

To create visual effects and seduce guests, 25 kilograms of dry ice are put into the pool. However, afterwards people just immediately choked and passed out.

Many people were injured and three killed. One of the victims killed was Yekaterina’s husband.

Yekaterina, a mother of two children, posted a heartbreaking video about her daughter asking, “Where is daddy” on his Instagram Story.

She also announced the death of her husband in a video. So, why did the dry ice trigger disaster at the event?

Reporting from India Today, dry ice contains frozen carbon dioxide and produces heavy vapor when put in water. Steam can increase the level of carbon dioxide in the blood when released in an area that is not ventilated.

Regarding the incident, a spokesman for the Russian Investigation Committee, Yulia Ivanova, said that several participants were injured but it was not yet known exactly how many.

Yekaterina is a qualified pharmacist. He has 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

On his Instagram account, he often shares tips to save money on pharmaceutical products.