11 firms have allotted a consensus ‘buy’ recommendation to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (NYSE: BIP) shares. The company has an average $53.60 price objective for 12 months.

On Friday, the company started from $52.89 with the market cap being $15.62B. Their lowest in 12 months is $25.77 while the highest is $56.31. Their P/E and beta are -195.89 and 0.83, respectively. Their 50 day rolling average is $50.89 while the 200 day is $47.09.

According to their 14th November report, the company had a quarterly EPS earnings of $0.12 that missed the $0.73 consensus estimate by almost $0.85. Their net margin was 1.14% with a 0.47% equity return. Their quarterly revenue was $2.21B that surpassed the $991.43M estimate.

BIP Stock Ventures

The firm has also declared its quarterly dividend recently on 31st December. On 30th November, they paid a $0.485/shares dividend to stockholders. This indicates an annual dividend of $1.94 and a 3.67% dividend yield. They have a 2,771.43% dividend payout quotient at present.

Barclays promoted their price objective of BIP shares to $66 from $62 and gave a rating of ‘equal weight’. Royal Canada Bank increased it to $57 from $51 and gave a rating of ‘outperform’. Zacks demoted the rating to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’. Raymond James lifted it to $60 from $50 and gave a rating of ‘outperform’. Credit Suisse lifted it to $50 from $43 and gave a rating to ‘neutral’ from ‘underperform’.

FMR LLC increased their holdings on BIP stock by almost 4.1% and own $2,365,000 worth of shares. Stifel Fin. Corp increased their stake by roughly 1.8%, owning shares priced at $614,000. Sei Investments acquired a new position and own $577,000 worth of shares. Pvt. Trust promoted their stake by nearly 6% and they own shares priced at $302,000. Walnut Pvt. Equity Partners acquired a new stake worth $1,191,000. Institutional investors own 50.16% BIP stock.