The first-ever research with regard to the world of cryptocurrencies was carried out by Binance Research. The research was carried out by doing the examination of the users of crypto all across the world, which might be around 61,000. The report of the Binance research talks about the behavior patterns, motivations, and preferences of the ever-growing audience of the world of cryptocurrency.

Binance On Different Crypto Users

What the finding reveals is the fact that the quality of confidence that the users have on crypto ids almost a unanimous one. to put it in numbers it is 97%. More than 50% of the users, 52% to be precise, views crypto as a source of income rather than a hobby. Binance research also revealed that crypto is considered to be a primary income source for 15% of the users.

Binance has also been successful in finding out the primary reasons that make the users do investment in crypto. Those are-

  1. People have very little faith in the financial system of the present. And that accounts for 38% of them. There are 55% of users having this view.
  2. Users want to go for the ownership of crypto in the long run. This is an important strategy for their long-term plan of investment.
  3. Nearly 31% of the users do so for the short-term opportunities of trading.

A Binance Research spokesperson gave a statement with regard to the results of the research. It was said that the adoption of this form of investment is only accelerating owing to the fact that most of the manor players are supporting it.

Not only that, but they are also providing platforms for people to do investments. The spokesperson also talked about the main reason behind the Global Crypto User Index of the year 2021, which was to know more about the thoughts and plans of the crypto users from different countries and profiles.