Big Sky
Big Sky

The next season of Big Sky, the American drama television series is here. The creator of the series is David E. Kelly and it is based on C.J.Box’s novel, The Highway. The show, with a total of five episodes,  was debuted throughout the months, November and December, in the year 2020.

The five hours of the show was full of suspense and horror. With the kidnappings, murder, some escape attempts, a bunch of jealous cops, and some references to coronavirus, Big Sky has never been a dull show. since the second season is here, here are some things to remember before watching the fresh episodes.

Big Sky, The Catchup

The first season was spent by the private detector Cassie is looking for the three women who had gone missing. The role of Cassie is played by Kylie Bunbury. She does succeed in her mission. How Cassie finds information about the abducted women in Big Sky is, by tracking Rick Legarski, the Highway Patrol officer. She does so by following the officer’s car.

Cassie, along with Jenny, an ex-cop, finally comes across the place where Rick has been hiding all his victims. The place happens to be a warehouse. However, there is a twist in this Big Sky plot. The abductors are shown to be a step ahead of both the private detective and the ex-cop. When the both of them get the department to raid the place, it is too late.

Later, through sources, Cassie gets to Rick Legarski in the truck shop called All-In. In episode 5 of Big Sky, she is shown to shoot the abductor. Now the big question is whether Rick Lagarski is dead or not. The book says he dies; however, nothing can be said about the series.