Betsy DeVos has just two months left as Trump’s Secretary(Education Department).

With votes still left to be counted, the nonpartisan outlets such as Associated Press have declared Trump’s chances to prevail as zero. Since George Bush’s defeat in 1992, Trump is the 1st incumbent president to taste defeat.

When Biden holds office sometime in January Biden will get the option to select his new cabinet. cabinet members are selected via the President’s appointment and Senate’s confirmation.

Why Is Betsy DeVos’s Career At Stake?

Betsy quite often has been seen as a figure of controversy for the past four years as Trump’s Secretary(Education Department). By terminating Betsy DeVos’s tenure, Biden would select a suitable candidate to be in charge of the Education Department which administers and supervises America’s federal system of student loans. 

Consumer rights lawyers and loan borrowers(students) have been critical of Betsy DeVos. Multiple lawsuits are going on for years against her administration and her. These lawsuits mostly involve the handling of various loan programs for students.

Betsy DeVos
Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos: Controversies

 One of her biggest controversies is the way she handled the Borrower Defense regarding the repayment program. Back in 2016, the Obama administration set rules governing this program for providing children with debt relief being defrauded, misled, or affected by exploitative universities and colleges for-profit schools. It was under Betsy DeVos, that the Education Department rewrote the regulations of governance. These new rules weakened the Borrower Defense aid provided to loan borrowers(students). These rules further elevate the weight of the required proof for imposing a rigid measure of limitations.

Formerly accused by borrower advocates of intentionally holding up nearly 170,000 applications, Betsy DeVos was held in contempt of court for resuming collections actions towards borrowers whose applications were still pending. She was accused of deliberately opposing loan borrowers'(students) application for relief by a whistleblower. Her administration was issuing blanket denials without sound reasoning to almost ten thousand borrowers.

Betsy DeVos was also criticized for the CARES Act’s poor implementation. Following which a lawsuit(class-action) was filed by loan borrowers(students) against DeVos that accused her of compliance failure with the Act’s collections suspension months after the Act came into effect. In another lawsuit, it was disclosed that interception and seizing of over $2.2 billion owing to borrowers as tax refunds were found by the Department.

Early in her career, she has objected to Obama-era greater accountability guidance for loan servicers. Those seeking relief via the PSLF program can experience financial harm due to 5 million errors. The Inspector-General of Education Department issued a report last year consisting of systemwide failures by loan servicers.

Who Would Be The New Secretary Of Education Department?

One possible candidate is Randi Weingarten, AFT, President, a key figure in supporting borrowers litigation against Betsy DeVos. Others have suggested Elizabeth Warren(Senator, D-MA) and Jill Biden as possible candidates.

Irrespective of whom Joe nominates, this new secretary should be able to reverse Betsy DeVos’s practices and policies. Both Harris and Biden have expressed support for the improvement of serving, fixing of programs, and holding those accountable for harassing borrowers. The new secretary must be able to have the same vision in mind as well.