There had actually been rumblings that Joe Biden was doing not have a style. “Build Back Better” summarised his post-Covid strategies however it did not have binary punch. Light versus darkness more than satisfies that test.

It is tough to state whether Mr Biden offered the speech of his life on Thursday night, as some immediately stated. After half a century in politics, it is uncertain anybody remained in a position to judge. But Mr Biden’s address– and the 4 nights of virtual Democratic shows that preceded it– more than cleared the low expectations of pandemic marketing.

“I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness,” Mr Biden stated. In normal times such words would have sounded corny. But their plain framing– and the character of the candidate who provided it– in some way caught the minute.

Will it move the needle? Conventions hardly ever modify the result of a governmental election. But as Hillary Clinton found in 2016, they can toxin a project. The 2020 convention cleared that difficulty. In contrast to Mrs Clinton’s Philadelphia convention, Mr Biden’s was mainly without rancour.

Having selected his sharpest main critic, Kamala Harris, as his running mate, Mr Biden had actually currently handled a few of that. Bernie Sanders’ warm recommendation likewise was available in sharp relief to his …

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