Biden campaign spokeperson accuses Trump of ‘spiking the ball on the 50-yard line’ with June jobs report


Earlier Thursday, Trump touted the report as “historic” and proof that the “economy is roaring back” after being flattened by the coronavirus pandemic. The report saw America’s unemployment level drop to 11.1 % as employers added 4.8 million jobs in June. Nearly eight million jobs have already been added since the beginning of May, in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As the coronavirus swept the nation in March, most Americans were forced to huddle in their domiciles to prevent the spread of the illness. The outbreak sparked a huge economic downturn, with more than 40 million people filing first-time unemployment claims and spiking the jobless rate to levels maybe not seen since the Great Depression not exactly a century ago.

Bedingfield emphasized to Hemmer that the Biden campaign is “cheering for a recovery” and “to suggest otherwise is crazy.” However, she added, “We’re maybe not going to make it unless we do the hard work to have there. And that’s what Donald Trump is failing woefully to do.


“From the outset, he has been more focused on his own political fortunes,” she added. “He’s been more focused on dismissing the virus, saying such things as, ‘It’ll magically go away,’ saying, you realize, remember in March when he said, ‘Everybody who are able to get it — everybody [who] wants a test, could possibly get one’? That’s still not the case.

“He has not done the hard work to put in place the protections to ensure that our economy can reopen strongly, and that’s part of what we’re starting to see and that’s why we’re seeing people feeling a tremendous amount of fear.”

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser and Allie Raffa contributed to this report.

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