Joe Biden, Trump’s presidential rival in the upcoming 2020 elections, denounced Trump’s decision to slow down COVID-19 testing. 

It looks like the campaign spitfire has begun. Trump, in his first campaign rally since the start of the pandemic, in Tulsa told the crowd that he has ordered officials in the White House to conduct fewer coronavirus tests. The rallying cry of skepticism over the pandemic is a continuation of Trump’s behavior of overlooking health officials’ opinions. 

Trump decided to continue with his rally even after several warnings that a crowd could only lead to a higher number of COVID-19 positives. As hundreds lined up outside the BOK Center even days before the rally, Tulsa’s coronavirus positive cases saw a significant rise. 

Biden’s campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, releases a statement saying that the President has proved that he prioritizes politics over health. She further called his remarks outrageous and said that the remarks will be remembered for a long time to come. 

She further emphasized the growing unemployment in the country, accelerated due to the pandemic, and criticized Trump for a slow response. 

“This virus has killed nearly 120,000 Americans and cost tens of millions their jobs, in large part because this president could not and would not mobilize testing as quickly as we needed it. To hear him say tonight that he has ordered testing slowed — a transparent attempt to make the numbers look better — is appalling,” Bedingfield added.

The U.S is one of the hardest-hit countries by the coronavirus and stands at a total of 120,000 virus-related deaths. Additionally, the number of positive cases rise by around 30,000 on Friday.