WOW: Beyonce WATCHED Kelly Rowland Give Birth!

Beyonce is one of the most famous celebrities of recent times. She has been a sensation in the world of singing. The star has released her latest song recently. The song is titled “Break My Soul” as the lyrics repeatedly highlight the phrase, “You won’t break my soul”. The song is the very first sneak peek into her upcoming new album. The album would be the singer’s studio album number seven. According to trusted sources, the album is named ” Renaissance” and is scheduled for release on the 29th of July. The star has recently appeared in an interview with one of the prominent channels.

She gave a detailed account of how her new album was different from the previous ones. Beyonce said that the album contained some of the most powerful vocals combined with the fiercest beats. She is confirmed by the fact that the album would come as a breath of fresh air for all lovers of music. The singer said that she was confident that the music will be loved by everyone and will also top the charts. Several reports confirmed the fact that some of the songs in the albums would have elements of country music. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Beyonce To Launch Her Seventh Album

Beyonce is all geared up to release her studio album number seven. The album will contain songs that are co-written by Ryan Tedder. Tedder has been one of the constants in the albums of the singer. He was previously involved with the star in “Halo”. 

Raphael Saadiq will also have his contributions to the album. Saadiq has previously worked with Beyonce’s sister on her hit album, “A Seat at the table”.