PS5 Deals On Best Buy
PS5 Deals On Best Buy

Do you want to own an Xbox or a PS5? If you do then do it today before it gets too late.

Best Buy, the shopping site went live with the next-gen consoles at 9 in the morning. Owing to the volume of demand for PS5, it caused Best Buy to cripple. On most of the pages for the product, the site displayed the message saying that something went wrong.

There is nothing that can be said about the current availability of the models of Xbox or PS5. The new models of both PS5 and Xbox are almost impossible to buy despite the fact that those were on sale for more than a month.

Best Buy Site’s Most Attractive PS5 And Xbox Deals

Best Buy took over the social media platform Twitter to make an announcement on the restock. They stated that more stock would be added on Twitter. And just within the span of 50 minutes, the post was retweeted more than 1,600 times.

Here is the list of the Xbox and PlayStation5 consoles that you can get for yourself-

1: PS5 Digital Edition

You can get this for 400 USD. This is the right product for you if go for the digital games that are convenient.

2: PS5 And Blu-ray Drive

Preferring this PS5 having a disc version does appear to be costly when you first buy it. However, it will give you access to games that are cheaper when you buy from the retail stores. Get hold of this console at 500USD.

3: Xbox Series X

Among all the next-generation consoles, this is the most powerful one. You can grab this at 500USD.

4: Xbox Series S

This surely cannot be compared to the Xbox Series X, but this is much better, look wise. You can also get this at a cheaper price. If you want a secondary console, go for this at 300USD.