Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is 79 years of age. He is a US Senator from Vermont. He was photographed sitting on a folding chair on Inauguration Day wearing a green coat with arms folded and covered with the much-talked-about mittens.

The mittens worn by Bernie Sanders on the day of the inauguration has attracted a lot of attention as people found them very interesting.

Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Stole The Show On Inauguration Day

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took their oath as the President and Vice President of the United States of America on 20th January, Wednesday. On the other hand, what caught the attention of the netizens is the knitted mittens worn by Bernie Sanders during the event.

It was later found out that those mittens were knitted and made by Jen Ellis who is a teacher based in Essex Junction. She had knit the mittens out of an old sweater. She gave them to Sanders more than 2 years ago and was quite surprised when she saw him wearing those throughout the campaign trail.

During a recent interview with, Ellis stated that she was thrilled to see Sanders wearing the mittens on several occasions. Also, she feels thoroughly honored that he wore them to the Inauguration Day event.

The netizens absolutely melted after they heard about this heart-warming story behind those mittens worn by Bernie Sanders.

Ellis is a full-time teacher in an elementary school. She also turns used wool clothing into mittens as a side business. According to reports, Helen, her daughter, attended a childcare center that is owned by one of the relatives of Sanders. Although Ellis has never met Sanders personally, her mittens found a way to him somehow.