Berlin protest: Large demonstrations at Brandenburg Gate over Covid-19 restrictions

A march previously Saturday that was slammed by authorities for not sticking to guidelines on social distancing and face masks was stopped by organizers.

The march, which was called by organizers as “Day of Freedom — The End of the Pandemic,” consisted of anti-vaccine groups and some reactionary and neo-Nazi companies. On livestreams of the occasion, some protesters might be heard shouting, “We are the second wave.”

Current coronavirus standards in Germany specify that individuals need to preserve a range of 1.5 meters, or about 5 feet. Where that is not possible, face masks need to be used. Berlin authorities stated on Twitter that the majority of the protesters were not sticking to social distancing guidelines or using masks.

“Our colleagues are using loud speakers to urge the adherence to the rules. We are also documenting non-compliance for possible later prosecution,” Berlin authorities tweeted, including that a criminal grievance was submitted versus among the march’s organizers for not sticking to hygiene guidelines.

Police alerted the approximately 17,000 protesters who took part in the march they would just be permitted to take part in the presentation if they used face coverings and kept social range.

A livestream from the demonstration revealed nearly nobody using a face mask, although the master of events informed the crowd from the phase to preserve physical range so as not to offer the authorities “a pretext” for separating the occasion.

Germany tape-recorded 955 brand-new coronavirus infections in a 24- hour time period …

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