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Bay City Fireworks Festival canceled

During a question and answer session, the Bay City Fireworks Festival Board of Directors reported it is dropping the celebration during the current year.

“Unfortunately, we’re obviously all saddened by that. We love this event. It’s a great event for the community. We know it’s going to affect area businesses adversely.

But that’s another factor that we had to realize and think into this, was all of these area businesses are a part of the fireworks festival funding as well.

They donate to the festival and we couldn’t in good conscience ask them to donate to this event when they’re struggling themselves because of this closure that they’re all suffering right now,” said Doug Clark, president of the Bay City Fireworks.

Not every person is disturbed about the current year’s dropping.

Joyce Olson, with the Burpee event staff, said it is hard to locate the many volunteers required all the time to work the occasion and that is without a health concern.

“No one wanted to handle money. Nobody wanted to be in close proximity because you actually have to take money from people and nobody wanted to be this close. So this announcement actually was kind of good for us because nobody wanted to work the gates,” Olson stated.

Clark said despite the fact that the showcase won’t be held, the board of trustees is as yet trusting people can join on the Fourth of July.

“Wolverine has come up with a plan for us, as far as selling three cakes,” Clark stated. “We’re asking folks to tune into WHNN on July 4 and at 10:10 p.m. they will play the National Anthem, just as they do during the Bay City fireworks.

And approximately at 10:12, we ask everybody to light their show off all over Bay County,” Clark said.

A bundle of three cakes is $100. Call 989-280-1591 or 989-324-0390 to get yours.

The radio broadcast will likewise communicate 30 minutes of music.