Several brokerages are expecting Azul S.A. (NYSE: AZUL) to be releasing quarterly sales of about $324.88M for the present financial year on 11th March, Thursday. The company had reported $790.27M sales last year in this quarter, indicating a negative annualized rate of growth being 58.9%.

On Wednesday, the company started from $21.30 with the market cap being $8.94B. The lowest in 12 months is $5.30 while the highest is $44.55. Their 50 day rolling average is $22.17 while the 200 day is $15.64.

According to their 15th November report, the company had quarterly sales of $0.37 that topped the $1.05 consensus estimate by $0.68. Their quarterly revenue was $149.85M that failed to beat the $165M estimate.

Stock Market Ventures By AZUL

Azul is expected to issue $1.09B full sales for this year. The estimates range between $1.01B and $1.13B. Their sales for the forthcoming financial year are anticipated to be $1.75B. The sales estimate ranges between $1.49B and $2.05B.

BidaskClub has demoted the rating for AZUL shares to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ on 24th December. ValuEngine has increased the rating to ‘strong buy’ from ‘buy’ on 1st December. Raymond James decreased the rating to ‘market perform’ from ‘outperform’ on 10th December. Seaport Securities raised the rating to ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’ and issued a price objective of $23 on 9th November. Deutsche Bank increased the price objective to $25 from $18 and gave a rating of ‘buy’ on Tuesday. The company has an average ‘hold’ recommendation with a $19.38 price objective.

Schonfeld Advisors bought new holdings in AZUL stock that are priced at $2,558,000 approximately. Cubist Strategies raised their stake by almost 608.4%, owning $2,307,000 worth of shares. Goldman Sachs lifted their position by roughly 51.1% and own shares priced at $4,936,000. TB Assets increased their stake by nearly 30.6%, owning $6,968,000 worth of shares. Van Associates bought a new position, owning shares priced at $1,362,000. 1.84% of AZUL stock is owned by institutional investors.