Morgan Stanley stock analysts’ dropped the price target on AVROBIO (NASDAQ:AVRO) from $35.00 to $34.00 suggested a research note that was issued to investors on Tuesday, according to Benzinga. The company’s stock has an ‘overweight’ rating, currently. The new price target indicates a 124.72% potential shift from the current price of the company. 

AVROBIO (NASDAQ:AVRO)- Analysts’ Opinion

Several research analysts have commented on AVROBIO (NASDAQ:AVRO). In a research note on Tuesday, 6th October, Wedbush set a target price of $36.00 and issued an ‘outperform’ rating. In a research note on Saturday, 26th September, BidaskClub dropped AVROBIO’s rating from ‘hold’ to ‘sell.’ In a research note on Tuesday, 6th October, AVROBIO (NASDAQ:AVRO)’s rating was cut from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’ by Zacks Investment Research. In a research note on Tuesday,15th September, Mizuho reinstated a ‘buy’ rating. It also set a price target of $35.00 on the company. 

AVROBIO (NASDAQ:AVRO) has been given a ‘sell’ rating by two investment analysts, ‘hold’ rating by one analyst and a ‘buy’ rating by seven analysts. The consensus rating of the firm is ‘buy’ and $29.50 is the price target. 

On Tuesday the stocks of AVROBIO opened at $15.13. The firm has reported a one-year low of $9.76 and $29.32 is the one-year high. The market cap of the firm is $551.38 million.