real madrid
real madrid

Real Madrid faces defeat of 2-1 in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. Athletic Bilbao’s win ruins Real Madrid’s chances of a potential matchup with Barcelona on Sunday. The hero of the night emerged in the form of Raul Garcia. The Athletic Captain took over the first half of the game. Athletic looks forward to its second hand on the trophy following 1984’s cup. It would also be their first since 2015’s Super Cup. 

In El Sadar, Los Merengues came into the game scoreless against Osasuna. The Madrid side of the game has been faced with disappointment, due to the draught of scores in their match. This left a very thin line for errors. This resulted in their seat in the second place dethroned by Atletico Madrid. 

Real Madrid’s Strategy:

Even with their disappointing match with Osasuna, the manager of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, made no changes to their strategy in their next and more crucial game. Dani Carvajal faced an injury during training. Hence, Lucas Vazquez got a spot in the right-back. Marcos Asensio was up top, to the right-wing, filling in for Rodrygo, who was injured. 

While Zidane’s first half seemed better rolled-out, they lost their connection in the third half. Although Zidane commented that the first half was “difficult” as they did not get “into the game well.” He further stated that they had a better half in the second round even though they did not score. 

On the overall game, he said that Real Madrid’s missout of the Supercopa Game against Barcelona was “not a failure.” He also said that you “cannot always win.” He finished by saying that everyone tries to win, but we “can’t always.”