The brokerages of Wall Street did some analysis concerning the sales of Adtalem Global Education Inc., the ATGE. The numerical sales figure estimated by them, as per Zacks, is reported to be 279.67 million USD. This is for the current quarter. The estimates had been issued by two of the analysts. The estimated sale of the lowest amount is 279.50 million USD. The high3st is estimated to be 279.84 million USD.

The sales reported by AGTE in the same quarter of the year 2020 is 266.17 million USD. This number denotes a positive growth rate of 5.1%, year-over-year. The next earnings expected to be reported by the business will be on the 2nd of February, that is on Tuesday.

ATGE Estimations As Per Zacks

The reports of Zacks say that the full year of ATGE for this year, as per the analysts, will be reported at 1.2 billion USD. The estimates of that will be between the range of 1.11 billion USD to 1.12 billion USD. Analysts also estimated the sales of the company for the financial year of 2022. They have said that the figure concerning the sales that will be posted by ATGE themselves will be 1.18 billion. The estimated figure with regard to the sale is expected to fall between 1.18 billion USD and 1.19 billion USD. The sale average reported by Zacks is all survey-based. The surveys in question are carried out by the analysts who also happen to be the followers of Adtalem Global Education.

The latest earnings of the company were released by themselves on the 5th of November, which was on Thursday. The earnings per share for the financial quarter that was reported by the company was 0.78 USD. This amount won over the estimated consensus of the Thompson Reuters by 0.40 USD.