Astronomers Find Stream of Early Universe Stars, Torn Apart by Our Own Galaxy

Astronomers have actually found a mystical stream of ancient stars at the remote edges of the galaxy: a weird outstanding type so unlike any we have actually seen prior to, they might extremely well be the last of their kind.

This uncommon collection of stars– called the ‘Phoenix stream’, after the Phoenix constellation in which they show up– is what’s referred to as a stellar stream: a lengthened chain of stars that utilized to exist in a round kind, referred to as a globular cluster.

Such clusters can be torn asunder by a galaxy’s gravitational forces, in which case their globular kind ends up being deformed, extending into a ghostly caravan of stars, fated to distantly orbit a far galactic core.

(James Josephides/Swinburne Astronomy Productions/ S5 Collaboration)

Above: Artist’s impression of the outstanding stream twisting around the Milky Way.

Neither outstanding streams nor globular clusters are brand-new to science, however there’s something about the Phoenix stream that is. Its chemistry is various to any globular cluster we have actually ever seen, nearly like it does not belong here.

“We can trace the lineage of stars by measuring the different types of chemical elements we detect in them, much like we can trace a person’s connection to their ancestors through their DNA,” explains astronomer Kyler Kuehn from the Lowell Observatory in …

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