Artur Vanetsyan: I back constitutional government transition – – Armenian News

The former director of the National Security Service (NSS) has elaborated on his political plans in a current interview with

Artur Vanetsyan, presently the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Motherland Development Fund, mentioned he helps constitutional mechanisms in government transition processes.

“Our party will pursue a centre-right ideology, because I attach much importance to traditional values and the preservation of traditions. The core idea and ideology will be the valuation and prioritization of the state interest. Simultaneously, I attach importance also to the preservation of our national identity, our national traditions, i.e. – all the values ordinary Armenian families – the average Armenian – have adhered to and preserved throughout their lives,”  he mentioned.

Vanetsyan, who stepped down because the NSS director in September 2019, mentioned they depend on two fundamental ideas, “progress” and “traditions”, as their motto for consolidating co-thinkers.

“That is to say, we need to always develop, and keep abreast of the global [developments], but we are obliged to preserve our traditions, our national values. As to whether those changes will be the result of scheduled or snap elections – or of any other situation virtually – I can say only one thing, i.e. – that I support a constitutional government transition. Any breach of the constitutional order, which doesn’t stem from our laws, is impermissible for me. The most logical constitutional change consists in either scheduled or preterm parliamentary elections or a third option allowing the political forces in the incumbent parliament to initiate [processes for] replacing the prime minister and the government to pave way for new prime ministerial elections.”    


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