Arsenal owes its victory over Southampton in Tuesday’s match at St. Mary to the nineteen-year-old Bukayo Saka’s outstanding performance. The consistent and exceptional performance of Saka during the past few weeks has enabled Arsenal to hold the reins of victory.

Arsenal’s Victory Signaled At Arteta

Former Arsenal player and English football team coach Tony Adams remarked to Mikel Arteta (Arsenal’s manager) in making a mistake. He mentioned depending on Bukayo overplaying for the last few weeks. He noted that this was not a sign of a good mentor or coach. Saka might be burned-out if he keeps playing so rigorously. Adams further stated that he is just a kid, and that should be kept in mind. Even if the younger players perform well, they too need to be given off-days. This ensures balance and provides opportunities to play the other senior players too.

Adams further added that Arsenal might be winning matches, but too much dependency and focus on a young player might not prove to be a fair judgment. Observing Arteta’s way of working, he further added that he falls prey to a system or strategy that works for him. And he keeps repeating it. This can prove detrimental to Arsenal.

He appreciated Arteta for being an excellent coach. Adams said that he would be a top-notch coach. But he expressed his apprehensions about his lack of experience in handling young talents. And added to that, it did not matter if it was an assistant or a director. About Saka, he had more positive words. 

He spoke about him, saying the “kid” to be a “wonderful” player. He also added that He hoped that the player was more seasoned or “developed” properly. He also talked about the other older players, highlighting how they would react eventually. And their fear to be an “understudy” of the “kid.”