Armenian, Artsakh leaders discuss broader cooperation plans with banking sector officials – Armenian News

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and President of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Arayik Harutyunyan have met with banking sector representatives in Stepanakert to discuss alternatives of increasing cooperation and boosting the nationwide economies.

Greeting the delegations led by the governors of the Central Banks representing the 2 Armenian republics, Harutyunyan thanked all of them for arranging the form of occasion. “It is desirable not only to just continue, but also step up, the cooperation further, as we are planning to secure higher paces of development in the visible future. And the two governments’ funds alone will not be enough to allow us to do that,” he mentioned.

According to a press launch by the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Pashinyan extremely praised the previous decade’s critical progress in Artsakh’s banking sector, agreeing that its affect was important for the nation’s financial relations. “The economic ambitions which we jointly have will not be possible to realize unless their content is perceived by the banking sector. And that content has to be developed with joint efforts in a sense. So we are using the practice in this anti-crisis period, with representatives of our banking sector and parliament[s] gathered around the same table to discuss steps towards ensuring agricultural development to overcome the crisis and resolve social issues,” he mentioned, stressing additionally the need of continuous the joint format discussions.

The visitors, for his or her half, expressed their willingness to maintain monitor of the 2 governments’ initiatives to make sure a greater engagement within the implementation of initiatives, securing extra tangible sources with decrease rates of interest for the markets.

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