US dollar Debt Relief
US dollar Debt Relief

You’ve likely seen reviews about Freedom Debt Relief extolling the work the company’s done over nearly 20 years to get people out of debt and give them a fresh start. Such reviews abound. But are Freedom Debt Relief customers satisfied? Let’s take a look. 

What is Debt Settlement? 

Let’s get that squared away. Debt settlement, also known as debt relief, involves hiring a company such as Freedom to negotiate with your credit card issuers and other creditors to allow you to pay less than what you owe to settle your debt.  

The financial strategy is also a way for you to avoid bankruptcy, which is why your creditors are inclined to work with you. They know they won’t get anything if you go with that filing. 

If Freedom Debt Relief Reputable? 

Because the debt settlement industry has more than its share of bad apples, it’s a good question to ask. The answer? Absolutely. Not only has the company been in business since 2002, but it’s a member of the American Fair Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. 

To date, Freedom Debt Relief has served more than 650,000 customers and resolved more than $10 billion in debt. More than $200 million in debt is resolved monthly. 

What Do Customers Say? 

If you’re considering debt settlement, you should check out Freedom Debt Relief reviews. There’s nothing like hearing directly from those who have had dealings with the debt relief pioneer. Here are a few customer reviews: 

  • Molly: “It’s such a huge relief and very freeing to know that you’re getting your life back in order. The Freedom program brought me a sense of stability.” 
  • Alejandra: “I feel like there are so many possibilities and options for me now that I didn’t think I had before. I finally feel like I’m doing something to help myself, and I have the right team behind me.” 
  • Nicole: “I didn’t realize just how trapped I was until I was free. Without Freedom, I would be in a position that I don’t know if I could ever get out of.” 
  • Lennell: “Freedom Debt Relief has gotten started on two out of three settlements for me. I’m so grateful to the Freedom Debt Relief team. They are saving me a tremendous amount of money!”

How Does the FDR Program Work? 

The company will go over your financial situation with you and discuss your options. You do need to have at least $7,500 of unsecured debt such as from credit cards, medical bills or personal loans.

You’ll be asked to deposit funds monthly into a federally backed escrow-type account that you control. After you saved enough, Freedom’s experienced negotiators will go to each of your creditors and attempt to strike a deal. Upon each settlement, the creditor will be paid from your account. The process continues until all your debts are resolved. 

How Much Does Freedom Cost? 

When it settles your debt, the company will charge you based largely on the amount of debt enrolled and the state in which you live. You’ll pay between 15% and 25% of your settled debt. The average amount is 21.5%. 

Unlike some scam companies that mostly want to separate you from your cash, Freedom Debt Relief will clearly explain the debt relief process and how its fee structure works. You also won’t be asked for payment before debts are successfully settled. That’s the law, although some bad actors don’t follow it. Stay far away from those. 

So, are Freedom Debt Relief customers satisfied? Honestly, you can’t please everyone, but there are scores of satisfied FDR customers who are now living their best, debt-free lives. Don’t you want to be in that number? Give Freedom a call today.