Arab media tries to defame Tunisia’s Ghannouchi on Libya – Middle East Monitor

Media electrical outlets in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and also Egypt have actually released an organized war Rached Ghannouchi, the intellectual leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement, to taint his picture and also prompt a tornado in his nation, Anadolu Agency records.

The counter-revolution led by Sky News, Saudi- funded Al-Arabiya– both programs from the UAE– and also Egypt- based Youm7 paper, have actually released synchronised dishonest information.

Reports declared Ghannouchi acquired substantial monetary wide range considering that his return to Tunisia after the success of the change in 2011, amounting to $8 billion, although that the nation’s spending plan does not go beyond $165.

Observers think the project desires to develop a wedge in between the parliament and also the presidency and also prompt side fights in parliament in between Tunisian blocs to take apart state organizations by striking with each other.

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