Apple’s iPhone repair program for independent stores expands to Europe and Canada

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program, which allows companies to purchase genuine Apple parts to perform iPhone repairs with no to turn into a full-fledged Apple Authorized Service Provide (AASP), is expanding to Canada and 32 countries across Europe, the business has announced. The program launched in the usa last year, and Apple says that 140 businesses with a total of 700 locations have opted since.

The program is important since it gives independent shops access to certified Apple parts at exactly the same cost as AASPs, with no to agree to that program’s stricter requirements, according to iFixit. Genuine parts ensure “safety and quality” according to Apple, however in some cases its services and products aren’t shy about warning users when non-genuine models are used for repairs. The program also gives shops access to resources such as for instance Apple’s library of classes and repair manuals.

Joining the program is free, but Apple says that companies need to have an Apple-certified technician to perform the repairs. A full set of requirements for businesses can be acquired here, including requiring they have a commercial walk-in location, and must agree to keep Apple’s tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics confidential.

Although they’re less strict than its AASP agreements, what’s needed of the Independent Repair Provide Program have faced their share of criticism. A report from Vice criticized the contract that Apple asks shops to sign, and a source quoted by iFixit raised other concerns about the program, including the undeniable fact that it restricts who companies can purchase from.

As well as its independent repair program, Apple also says it’s continuing to expand its Authorized Service Providers program. There are 5,000 AASPs global, according to Apple, and last year it tripled how many locations obtainable in the US compared to 36 months ago when Best Buy joined the program.

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