Apple fans will probably have to wait for some time before the iPhone12 gets released in the market. According to the Wall Streat JournalApple has postponed the production of the iPhone 12 by a month, keeping the global pandemic in mind. 

What Are The Implications of a Delay In The Release of iPhone12?

Although the delay is guaranteed, not much is known about how it is going to affect users and Apple’s devoted fans. 

Apple usually wraps up its post-production by mid-summer, and an inventory by August- making it ready for launch by September. This time around, the iPhone 12’s production period will last from July- September, leading to a delay in its final launch. 

The Implications are numerous- it could simply mean that Apple would end up launching the product in September, but make it available in the markets at a later date. Apple could also launch the phones one after the other- meaning one of the models would come days or months after the other. This did happen a couple of years back when iPhone X came out just a couple of months after the launch of the iPhone 8. 

The company could also decide to postpone the entire launch. 

The news comes in addition to reports that Apple is planning to bring out 4 new additional cell phones of varying sizes- all OLED compatible. The delay is primarily because of the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in Apple closing down its factories in China. Although the factory has since been reopened, Apple stores across the world are experiencing a lockdown imposed by the government of those countries. 

The process of production has taken a major hit, as workers have to now video call their supervisors at Apple, who would then explain how to create the iPhone 12, based on prototypes. This does make the process more tedious than it would have been.