The iPad Pro models of 2020 are coming with A12Z Bionic chipset. You might wonder why the name of this chipset is so similar to the iPad 2018 Pro model which had an A12X chipset. The performance has slightly improved but is it possible that Apple is using the same chipset with a different name?

Well, it turns out that they are identical. A silicone analysis done by TechInsights found out that the A12X and the A12Z have the same die structure. They also have around 8 GPU core clusters and their chipsets are positioned in the same manner.

However, there is a subtle difference. The difference is based on how these chips are actually binned. The A12X has eight GPUs but only 7 of them are enabled. In A12Z, all eight are enabled. Generally, manufacturers tend to disable cores so as to boost the yield. It would also avoid any form of wastage.  The A12X had one GPU core disabled to increase the yield. Perhaps, Apple has now figured out that there can be a significant change in GPU performance when all 8 cores are active. So, without changing the name significantly, they have opted to go for A12Z.

With the A12Z, now you can tap into all the GPU cores of your iPad Pro 2020.