Antony Blinken
Antony Blinken

Antony Blinken garnered a 78-22 vote in the Congress and, approved by the Senate, took his oath as Secretary of State to Biden. With Blinken on board, Biden has an exceptional security team. It includes Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor, Avril Haines as National Intelligence’s Director, and Lloyd Austin as the new Defense Secretary. 

The AFSA On Antony Blinken’s Confirmation

Antony Blinken received approval unanimously from the corresponding sides. It also got a hearty welcome from the (AFSA) American Foreign Service Association. AFSA greeted the 71st Secretary Of State with a warm note. It expressed its wish to work in unison with the new Secretary and his team in strengthening and enhancing America’s diplomatic concerns.

Regarding the challenges that America is currently facing, he expressed his concern over America’s global reputation. He also spoke about reversing the foreign policies that facilitated ‘America First’ to a more accommodating and multilateralism oriented one. Speaking on the Iran Nuclear Deal issue from which the Trump administration had backed out, Antony Blinken expressed his views that entering into the deal with Iran would be in the better interest of all.

Speaking on President Biden’s stand, that whether Iran complies, America too shall abide and join hands with her allies to alleviate the challenging issues. This is in the context of missiles & Iran’s destabilizing actions. Regarding China, Biden held views that aligned with those of the former President Trump. He emphasized the need to have a more uncompromising stand against China. Though he disagreed with the ways, Trump went all about it. He expressed that the fundamental attitude of a tough stand towards China was what he, too, would opt for. Donning his new responsibility, Antony Blinken hopes to lead America as one of the potential leaders of the world, mobilizing others as well towards the greater good.