Anthony Lynn
Anthony Lynn

According to the Insider of NFL Network, Ian Rapoport, there are no such talks for changing the head coach of the LA Chargers. Anthony Lynn will continue to remain so.

This report was out on Monday. Ian Rapoport also added that Anthony Lynn was tremendously respected as the head coach. So, everything would be evaluated by the organization at the season-end.

Anthony Lynn As The Chargers’ Head Coach

Anthony Lynn has been the coach of the Chargers for over 60 games. His record until now is 29-31. In the postseason, Lynn’s team is 1-1.

After Sunday’s loss to New England, which was 45-0, the head coach gave his statement to the L.A. Daily News. He said that this was a bad year for him and that he was prepared for all the criticism that was coming at him from people. However, he said, that failure was not the only thing that had happened, there were times when they had succeeded as well.

As for the Chargers, the reason for the team’s struggles owes to its loss of a number of talented players. Derwin James has been a player since 2018. He has played 5 times. Other notable ones in the year 202 have been Trai Turner, Mike Pouncey, Chris Harris, Austin Ekeler, Tyrod Taylor, Melvin Ingram, and a few others. However, this is not the only reason for the team’s struggle. There are other reasons, from the coach’s side, that have contributed to the 2-year long struggle of Chargers.

Lynn has failed to manage the end-of-game situations and numerous two-minute situations. The coach’s usage of the timeout is another reason. Among all this, the most terrible thing is his game management and his decisions of fourth-down.