Angus King
Angus King

A Senator from the state of Maine, the north-easternmost state of the United States of America, Angus King, addressed the infamous Capito violence that broke out last week. The address was made in an interview that was taken this Sunday. The name of the interview show is, “60 minutes”.

Angus King, in the interview, spoke about different things other than the Capitol riots, as well. He made an offering of bits of advice to the leftists on dealing with the citizens who voted for the Republican President, Donald Trump, in the 2020 presidential elections.

Angus King States His Reasons

He spoke on how they should effectively satisfy administering over the 70 million Trump supporters. Angus King also laid down his plans for bringing together the US Congress which is currently in a polarized state.

The Maine senator was told to make a comment on the pro-Trump induced violence that took place at the US Capitol building. It was also mentioned to him that the violence led to the destruction of properties. It also put a serious threat to the members of the US Congress. Lives were also lost in the violence. A police officer of the Capitol and five other people died due to the riot.

To all this, Angus King replied by saying that he does put the blame on President Donald Trump for whatever happened. He further explained the reason for his answer. King mentioned that everything has its consequences including words. And the words have heavier consequences especially when it is coming from someone who holds a high place in the political hierarchy. Therefore, given the speeches of Trump with regard to him defying the election results, he is to be blamed for the actions of his supporters.