Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith is going through one of the tough phases of his life. The renowned actor seems to have lost everything after he made a terrible mistake at the Oscars. While presenting the awards, the host Chris Rock was cracking jokes on random celebrities on the stage.

He called Jeff Bezos a great actor to which everyone laughed. However, things took an unexpected turn when he joked about the bald hair of Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada is married to Will and suffers from a health condition.

Her illness was the reason for her balding which was unknown to Chris Rock. The joke made by Rock triggered Will and he immediately walked up to Rock. What he did next shocked the whole audience including Chris Rock. Smith slapped Chris and abused him for joking about his wife.

The suddenness of the situation took everyone by surprise. Will Smith did apologize immediately but his actions left a scar on his reputation permanently. Many black celebrities are angry at what Will did at the academy awards. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Will Smith Disappointed The Black Community 

Will Smith was criticized heavily by several black celebrities after what he did at the Oscars. They stated that the Black community has always been subjected to oppression.

Will being a black himself should have known how it feels to be humiliated in front of a crowd.

The celebrities feel that Will had let the whole community of Black down. They termed his behavior as ” whitish”. 

Will Smith did apologize several times. Most of the stars stated that what Will did at the Oscars was not graceful at all.

People look up to Smith for inspiration. The Black celebs also said that it was very immature of Will that he could not handle a simple joke.