Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina Pivarnick is one of the promising young stars of Hollywood. She is well known for her versatile acting and unique mannerisms. Angelina has appeared in a lot of movies and shows. One of her biggest highlights was “Jersey Shore”.

Pivarnick was highly praised for her role in Jersey Shore. The star, unfortunately, is going through one of the toughest times of her life. Angelina was married to Chris Larangeira for quite some time.

However, the relationship did not work out and led to divorce. However, Angelina was not at all ready for it. Chris filed for the divorce which left Angelina heartbroken. Pivarnick suffered from acute stress that led to the deterioration of her health.

The mental trauma was so much that the star had to be hospitalized. As per recent news, Angelina Pivarnick is currently undergoing treatment. Her condition is stated as critical and she is expected to continue undergoing medical attention for quite some time.

The star posted a video on her Instagram handle recently. The video showed the exact condition the star was in. It could be seen that she was on a hospital bed with medical strappings attached to her. The star looked pale and exhausted from all the trauma.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Angelina Pivarnick Suffering From Stress 

Angelina Pivarnick seems to have ended up on the flip side of love. The star suffered a huge mental trauma that compelled her to seek hospitalization.

In a recent post, the star briefed her near and dear ones about her current state. She requested everyone not to call or text her at the moment. 

Angelina Pivarnick said that the trauma she had to go through was terrible. She stated that the experience had made her weak and had also affected her immunity.

Fans have prayed for her speedy recovery.