Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

There had been a division in the Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. To make things better between them, a representative has been chosen. It is Armin Laschet, the Centrist. He is the person who has been chosen to take a lead in the party. This is a major decision for his political career as he is now seen as a successor to Angela Merkel as the chancellor of Germany.

Both Laschet and Merkel won over Friedrich Merz, the conservative, in the CPU party delegate ballot. Laschet is the premier of the state that has the biggest population in Germany. And Angela Merkel is a candidate of continuity who is also a self-styled one.

Germany After Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel has made it known to the public about her big political decision. She said that she will not be running for the German chancellor in the federal election that will take place in the month of September. It is to be noted that Angela Merkel is a politician of predominance. She has remained a consistent winner of German votes since the time she took her office. It was from the year 2005.

The veteran politician stepped down from her party, CDU, as a leader in 2018, in the month of December. And since then, there have been ongoing conflicts in the party. There has been a lack of a suitable successor.

The delegates who chose Laschet were looking for someone who was a little palatable towards the Greens party, which is inclined towards the left. He came second in the opinion polls and is also viewed as the most favored partner for a coalition for the September elections, in the absence of Angela Merkel.