With the pandemic pushing back every sporting event in the world, Tennis too has suffered. The Wimbledon has been pushed back, and Andy Murray believes that it will take some time before Tennis returns back to normalcy. 

Most of the major Tennis events have been shut down, with the US Open being monitored by the officials. And with Tennis being such a global sport, it is quite impossible to bring about an environment that would bring in players from all over the globe. 

“If you took the French Open, let’s say things in Europe have improved, but there are certain countries that might still have issues,” Murray told CNN’s Christina Macfarlane.

“Let’s say it was still an issue in South America, for example, and France was not allowing flights in from South America or certain countries.” 

The problem with the lack of tournaments is the bills that these tennis players are not being able to pay. Murray believes that although the top 70 players in the world would be fine with this lockdown, the rest of them might have to dip deeper into their savings to maintain their livelihood.