Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has been in a swirling controversy surrounding the undercounted death rates due to the Coronavirus within nursing homes in the state. A representative of the governor’s administration recently apologized for this to the lawmakers from Democrats, citing that the administration had frozen back in August 2020 when the state legislature asked for the numbers. The admission doesn’t come as a shock. Letitia James, an Attorney General from New York, released a report last month on this issue. She mentioned that the Cuomo administration had undercounted the death rates from nursing home residents within the state by a staggering 50%. 

The report by James reads that the preliminary data had mentioned several residents who died in the hospital from Covid-19 after they were transferred from nursing homes. This data is missing from the published total death data from nursing homes of the Department Of Health. The representative for Andrew Cuomo’s administration was Melissa DeRosa, who said that the freeze happened because they were not sure what data would be sent to the DOJ. 

Andrew Cuomo’s Administration’s Melissa DeRosa’s Remarks

Andrew Cuomo’s Administration aide, Melissa DeRosa, elaborated her remarks. She said that she was simply explaining that they had to set aside a request by the legislature to deal with the request by the Federal. She said that they had informed the Houses about the situation at the time. She said that they were transparent with their information to the DOJ. But then they quickly had to shift focus on the vaccines and the second wave. 

Although her explanation sounds valid, it is not what she had said in a conference talk to the Democratic lawmakers back in New York. The call took place on Wednesday. Her explanation on the call suggested that the reason for Andrew Cuomo not publishing the full rates of death was that they were not sure how the data would be used against them. 

And the look did not set well.