All school districts across the state of New York are cleared to open, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a news conference by phone.
Schools in New York and around the country closed in the spring because of the coronavirus pandemic. The state become a global epicenter early on, but has since lowered infection rates sufficiently.
“Today is the deadline to look at the infection rates and make a determination. By our infection rates, all school districts can open everywhere in the state,” Cuomo said. “Every region is below the threshold that we established.”
Each district was required to submit reopening plans by this week. The state has 749 districts, and he said 127 districts have not submitted plans yet.
If infection rates spike before scheduled reopenings, Cuomo said, officials can revise plans.
“I have been deluged with calls from parents and teachers and there is a significant level of anxiety and concern,” Cuomo said.
Local officials will decide the districts’ reopening plans.
Cuomo’s decision means that schools in New York City — the nation’s largest district — have the green light for plans to conduct in-person learning several days a week.

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