Good news out of Leafs land …

This is quite excellent development, specifically thinking about there are still a couple of more days for him to get in complete work prior to the playoffs begin. Now that’s wishful thinking, however undoubtedly it now appears like a possibility we see Johnsson versus the Blue Jackets and who does not desire to see more Johnsson?

What to anticipate from Andreas Johnsson this summer season

As for the remainder of the practice, well, the lines looked the like they did the other day and practically how they were utilized versus Montreal:

That pleads the concern of where will Johnsson slot in as soon as he’s offered.

I can’t see Clifford coming out. I do not desire to see Robertson come out unless things do not exercise in the very first number of video games. Seeing Gauthier come out appears not likely in addition to I’m not exactly sure Keefe desires to shift Spezza over to center.

All that will arrange …

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